Oasis 135' - Benetti new model

11.10.2018 3166
At the International Boat Show in Cannes (September 11-16), the Italian shipyard Benetti announced and held a presentation of six new models: Oasis 135, Diamond 145 and 4 yachts of the BNow series.

Oasis 135 'was created in partnership with Benetti, a British firm RWD, and Bonetti / Kozerski, a New York-based interior design studio.
Adrian Chisnell, team leader at RWD, describes this project as follows: We have revised the classic concept of being on board. Today, owners use their yachts differently than in the past. This yacht reflects a new, more dynamic and less formal lifestyle for active owners, and focuses on the daily rhythm of life, in which activity alternates with periods of complete relaxation.

On the main deck of the 41-meter yacht with a fiberglass hull and a superstructure of four decks, the owners apartments are located with an elegant marble bathroom and private balcony. There is also a kitchen and a huge seating area, instead of a separate lounge. This deck provides direct access to the spacious recreation area at the stern with a pool in the center and folding sides, to increase the space and feel a more complete and informal connection to the sea.

A rare solution was implemented at the control post - designed as a residential zone, with a full-fledged living room with sofas and armchairs.

The cruising speed of the yacht is 14.5 knots, and the maximum speed is 15 knots. The Oasis 135 will be capable of a 4,000 nautical transatlantic cruise crossing at a speed of 11 knots, and a total fuel capacity of 45 tons.
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