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Official representative and partner of Azimut Grande and Benetti

The company Azimut Yachts Ukraine is an exclusive representative and partner of the world’s № 1 shipyard Azimut Benetti Group on the territory of Ukraine regarding its luxury yacht directions Azimut Grande and Benetti. For already more than 15 years we have been materializing into life our Clients’ most ambitious projects and ideas, providing services of construction, surveying and management of yachts starting from 30 metres. We can work in partnership with other large companies, so if need be, your yacht project can be incorporated at one of the shipyards of the Netherlands or Germany.
Assembly of the five-deck Benetti FB273: connecting the steel hull and the aluminum superstructure of the megayachtl

Benetti and Azimut Grande custom mega yachts

The company Azimut Yacht Ukraine is an official partner of the brand Benetti, which is a part of the Azimut Benetti Group. Benetti is the world’s leader in mega yachts construction, as confirmed by the Global Order Book annual report. This report represents a market analysis in mega yachts industry. It is based upon comprehensive information on mega yachts projects under construction at different shipyards. Azimut Benetti Group has constantly been at the top of ratings as a “World leader in mega yachts construction” for 16 years in a row.

Among our many Clients there are those who have eventually formed their personal conceptions of relaxation. These conceptions are unique and different in their details. But one thing they do have in common – the Clients start appreciating the yacht size “from 30 meters”. Here at the forefront we have Benetti and Azimut Grande - two supreme lines of Azimut Benetti Group, two areas where a great freedom of action in terms of implementation of one’s unique project is possible.

A 143-year history with more than 350 vessels built, more than 300 000 sq. m (3.229.173 sq. feet) of production capacity at three shipyards in Italy and 35 yachts currently under construction, including three yachts over 100 m - the facts and figures clearly speak for themselves, illustrating the growth of Benetti and a huge confidence of customers towards the brand.

Our vision, experience and innovation

Azimut Benetti group is one of the most authoritative shipyards in the world, maintaining longstanding leadership in the market in the calculation of summarized length of the yachts built and under construction. A history of nearly a half-century have formed the unequalled experience, spotless reputation and strong relationships with leading producers of equipment, suppliers, design studios, naval architects and marine engineers. Azimut Benetti is constantly the first to implement the all-new equipment and technological innovations. Example of that advanced approach is a new propulsion system, Azibull Carbon Thrusters, elaborated together with Rolls-Royce.

The slewing drives are distinguished for their increased cornering ability, low hydrodynamic drag, low fuel consumption compared to analog propulsion systems of the same capacity.

A company with such a reputation has the ability to attract best talents and brilliant minds for its projects. Highest quality, unexcelled seaworthiness and Italian lifestyle are the key features of Azimut Benetti, and the reason for the potential customers to choose the vessels of the brand once and over again. In recent years the world-famous yacht designers like Stefano Righini, Giorgio Maria Cassetta, Achille Salvagni, Redman Whiteley Dixon, Stefano Natucci have been elaborating the design of the company’s projects.

Unequalled quality to price ratio, responsiveness and eagerness of the shipyard to provide both design and constructional flexibility, as well as its personalized approach are the key advantages of Azimut Benetti to make it chosen as a shipyard for megayacht construction.

Construction of a new hull for Benetti 125 Fast

Project and Construction Stages

First meeting, discussion and choosing a model for customization according to the Client's wishes...

At the first stage, however simple this may sound, we need a person to person discussion. Even if it’s for the first time one has come across yachting, the most important thing is to understand his/her vision. Everything is important: the speed (sailing speed, rate of sailing, maximum design speed), how many days one is going to spend on board, assumed budgets for construction and yearly maintenance, quantity of guests, region of sailing, level of customization and much more. We do also take into account the desired terms of delivery, variations of payment, availability and readiness of the hulls, actual trends and renewals of the model line. After all the parameters are brought into balance, we provide the initial variants of models, to choose and elaborate the one to get incorporated.

Project Stage

From the first discussion of ideas and to the final delivery of the yacht to the Client, along all the stages of projecting and construction, the Clients have at their disposal both the management of our team and the experience of engineers and designers from Azimut Benetti Group. The projecting of the megayacht has its flow and order, but the priority is always the one – to incorporate the Client’s tasks on expressing his/her individuality. Meetings and discussions of blueprints and designs take place at the shipyard in Italy or at our office in Moscow, or visiting the Client’s place if need be. Depending on the sizes of a ship, it will take from 1 to 4 months. Each yacht Azimut Grande or Benetti is inimitable and has a high degree of customization, which allows to change substantially the interiors and partially, the superstructure of the yacht. That diversity is the reason why the yachting world usually knows the Benetti ships by their names and not by their model.

Stages of Construction and Control

When concluding the agreement all the terms of construction and the delivery date are set up. During the whole period of construction our company is controlling every stage and provides regular reports on the work flow. All in all, for a medium size yacht (about 40 metres) there are executed more than 1000 quality control audits. Our surveyor regularly visits the shipyard to execute mid-term control. It should be noted that the future Owner of the yacht can add his/her alterations even during the construction stage, yet understanding that it can cause prolongation and delay of the delivery date.

Delivery and Acceptance by the Client

According to the signed agreement between the sides and after the notice in advance from the shipyard, our representatives start surveying and inspection procedures. Initial inspections are conducted immediately after the hull is on water, successive checkouts are made while assembling the equipment already on the surface. At every stage a snagging list is compiled and terms for completion of corrections are settled. After our surveyors have fulfilled the acceptance of delivery, the yacht is delivered for acceptance by the Client. Commonly, the acceptance of the yacht by the Client doesn’t take long, as 99% of corrections have been already completed during all the previous stages of survey and construction.

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Cherentaev Igor
Sales manager
Azimut Yachts Ukraine
Benetti Classic 132
Release year: 2014
LOA: 40.24 m.
Gross Tonnage: tn
Engines: 2 X MTU 12V 2000 M72 1448 mhp

Today the megayacht is known under the name "Hemabejo", but after the construction was completed its name used to be "Saladus". It was built by the company Azimut Yachts Georgia at the Benetti shipyard in 2014, with the hull BS003. MCA classification, gross register tonnage - 346 t. Her interior is laconic and uninterrupted with elements of black marble in her heads and a Jacuzzi tub on the flybridge.

Magellano 76
Release year: 2015
LOA: 24.12 m.
Gross Tonnage: tn
Engines: 2 x 1000 hp MAN V8 (shaft line)

This motorboat is built according to completely individual design project and has crucial construction and layout changes of its lower deck. The master cabin and the walk in wardrobe are extended to the maximum and the width of the bathroom equals the full width of the hull. There have been added all the possible technological options and the furniture has been designed exclusively for the yacht as contrasted with standard variants from the shipyard.

Special semi-displacement hull with the ultimate run up to 1000 nautical miles.

Benetti 108
Release year: 2016
LOA: 32.98 m.
Gross Tonnage: 210 tn
Engines: 2 x MAN V8 1000 hp
The yacht is built in Viareggio in 2016 by the Benetti shipyard. For the interior furnishing the Owner has chosen warm hints of onyx and amber wood to create cozy home atmosphere on board. On the mail deck there is a dining room with a bar, a big lounge zone and the master cabin in the bow. The upper deck is dedicated to the main relaxation zone with a huge screen and first-rate audio and sound surround system.
Azimut Grande 32 METRI
Release year: 2019
LOA: 32.00 m.
Gross Tonnage: tn
Engines: 2 x 2.200 л.с. MTU 16V 2000 M86

Яхта передана клиенту в июне 2019 года. Судно получило имя "ATLANTIC".
Владелец судна принимал самое активное участие в составлении списка и компоновке исключительно сложной электронной и мультимедийной начинки.

Motor yacht series Azimut Grande and Benetti

Azimut Benetti Group is glad to introduce the result of a successful partnership with a British-based design studio RWD - a new family of products "Custom Now". "Custom Now" are motor yachts of the displacement and semi displacement classes with length of the hull from 27 to 42 metres (88’ – 140’).

Benetti Now: exclusive megayachts

Other than the models from the row above, we also propose projects from the series Benetti Now Fast (BF164, BF184, BF224) and Benetti Now Displacement (B164, B192, B214, B240). These conceptual lines signify motor yachts with the hull length from 55 to 80 meters (164’ – 240’) and completely individual layout and design.

To know more about exclusive yachts Benetti Now Fast and Вenetti Now Displacement click the link on the right.

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Kuatov Kirill
Sales manager
Azimut Yachts Ukraine
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