Azimut Benetti Group becomes the shipyard of the year 2018!

18.09.2018 2620
Azimut Benetti Group recognized the "Shipyard of the Year" at the Cannes Yacht Festival 2018.
The World Yacht Trophies award ceremony - one of the highest awards in the yachting industry - traditionally takes place on the last evening of the Cannes Yacht Festival.

In addition to the most prestigious award, recognition of the Shipyard of the year for innovation and consistency in achieving high goals, the Azimut Benetti Group group of companies received 4 more awards:
Benetti receives the award “Best Interior Design” in the 38–50 meter segment for the design of the yacht “Seven”, created in collaboration with the British bureau Bannenberg & Rowell Design.

Azimut S6, the Cannes Film Festival premiere, wins the Most Innovative Award in the segment 46 - 60 feet.

Vice President Giovanna Vitelli (second from right) at the time of the transfer of the first model of the yacht Azimut S6 to the Owner.

Azimut 55 Fly, which premiered in Düsseldorf 2018, and Azimut Grande 32 Metri, the premiere of the Cannes Film Festival, were awarded the title “Best Interior Design”. The interior of both yachts belongs to the genius of world-renowned designer Achille Salvani, whose skill in creating an emphasis on material quality and a combination of proportions is considered a reference.

“These awards emphasize how strongly the success of the Azimut Benetti Group group of companies is related to the quality of our yachts, which received awards in all segments, like every brand.” Commented Giovanni Vitelli, Vice President of the company.
“The title of the Shipyard of the Year,” continues Vitelli, “is obtained only because of the quality of our yachts, the integrity of the vision, and the enthusiastic work and energy of the people working for the company, or for the company. With many of them we have passed shoulder to shoulder for many years. To them I would like to dedicate this recognition of success, this award. "

Marco Valle, Managing Director of Azimut Yachts (first left), Paolo Vitelli, President and owner of Azimut Yachts (first right)
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