Grande Collection

Magnificent three-deck vessels with length of more than 100 ft, completed with 4 and 5 cabins, full separation of guest area and crew area, the highest level of comfort for all travelers. Possibility of broad customization and high degree of options – all of these are able to satisfy and find solution for the most demandable and goal-oriented persons. Yes, it’s all about Azimut Grande Collection.

If your lifestyle supposes the minimum number of compromises and aspiration to gain everything in view of your priorities, Azimut Grande is a right choice. Decision on yacht construction allows of no haste and quick conclusions. We suppose detailed discussion of your ideas with our team, certain step-by-step communication and decision making strategy.

Please, contact us for detailed consultation. We will invite you to our Moscow office, where we can start journey to the wonderful world of large customer designed yachts.

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